Still a kid

while he can’t really do much of anything anymore, can hardly communicate either, he is still very much a kid and wants to do kid things!  The one word I have really made out over the last 24 hours was a very low “car”.

He also had to dip his feet in the water table would grunt if we moved him away.  

He heard his cousins come in this morning and Coco took a pic of Claire, he immediately made a noise, not a sad noise but happy noise requesting her to take a picture of him.  Claire had a ball with her cousins!!!



The thing that melts me though is how much Claire loves Connor, she will tell anyone unprompted and follow with “Connor’s my best friend”.  And while she isn’t 100 percent interested in playing with him anymore (he doesn’t offer her the action she needs), she is always thinking of him, about every 10-15 minutes she drops what she is doing to give him a nice long hug or kiss on the head, just today when the girls were visiting she found her American girl bitty twins and had to come upstairs to give Connor his, the boy.


He perks up every time he sees her.  As for how Con is doing I would describe it as stable, the meds seem to be at the right dose and he seems comfortable although we have hardly any awake periods.  Tomorrow our hospice nurse comes again and we are thinking we may ask to lower the basal rate on the morphine pump to see if anything will make him a tiny bit more alert, we will see.


5 thoughts on “Still a kid

  1. I love these pictures — I can feel so much love when I look at them. Sending prayers of love and peace.

  2. Erin,
    There is not a day that goes by that your family is not in my thoughts! I read your posts and am always in admiration of you and Casey. How blessed your children are to have such incredibly strong, loving and compassionate parents. To see Claire’s love of her also brother brings tears to my eyes. She is such a sweetie pie! I hope you know I am thinking of you all and praying for you as well. xoxox

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