Life is a party

For Claire and we are so incredibly thankful for that.  Life should be a party for every kid and there is no way we could give Claire the party she deserves right now so are so incredibly thankful for our friends and family who are filling in and making sure she is happy.  Today she and Amanda started off her day with my friend Ryan and her kids Josh, Josie (who coincidentally shares what we consider Claire’s actual birthday) and Marion.  They went on the playground then to hunt for frogs, Claire had an absolute blast.  She has a little, actually a huge obsession with Josh, he is just the perfect mix of wild but also knowing how to deal with toddler girls for her, she is obsessed and wants to do everything he does and talks about him for days after she sees him.


She then went to soccer and after got her reward of ice cream from Grammy and Poppy, pink and blue, for Connor and Claire, although she did pick out “white” ice cream To bring home for Con which Casey will happily eat.

Then we tried for a nap which was not in the cards, she ended her day at Jimmy’s school picnic with Meg, Grandma, Papa and Jimmy and had a blast!

All in all it was a great day for her and it was topped off by the “mail” she received, if you can believe it she has received mail (as has Connor) almost every single day since Jan 22, from Heartworks.  Today Con’s mail was blue and she happily placed it on his belly, screaming “Connor’s card” followed  by a kiss, it is getting harder for her to be interested in him so this was amazing.  

Con also had a pretty good day, he had some alert time and some interaction.  He was very, very thirsty, which is an amazing sign.  While he has not really taken food we have gotten some liquid down through a sponge, ice chips and very calculated drinking (even though he threw up twice in the middle of the night after not eating or drinking for 24 hours).  We also with the increased morphine and bolouses seem to have gotten the pain under control after another sleepless night.


3 thoughts on “Life is a party

  1. Awwww this is so cute! I’m so glad that Claire is enjoying the beautiful “summer” weather with her friends and cousins. I’m happy to hear that Connor was able to drink a little more today. Lots of love and prayers as always. Love, Melissa

  2. Life SHOULD be a party for kids. So it is great to see Claire doing just that. Glad Con had a good day too. Hope tonight is a restful night.

  3. So happy to see the great frog hunt! They look like a sweet group together! Was she trying to figure out if there was actually a baby under that giant hat? 🙂

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