Not Much Happening

and by not much happening, I really mean that, Connor has not really been up much at all since Saturday.  Saturday we took him to the pool, while he did not say anything he did not complain (by complain I mean unhappy noises), and that is as much as we can ask for these days.

He also enjoyed Claire’s new pool:


Since then he really hasn’t done much, he is able to keep some water and applesauce down, but otherwise is out and when he is up he makes unhappy sounds or sits in silence.  He has a lot of extra mucus he is having trouble swallowing or getting into the right spot, it is almost a gurgling/choking sound, it is horrible. We have medicine we can give him which dries up everything and does help, only problem is he has to be awake to take it.  We just “woke” jim which is a process in itself and clearly not enough, he choked on it, it was so incredibly scary, and now his breathing is so loud all the way into his chest.  His lips look blueish to both Casey and I and Sat when he was doing much better his oxygen sat was at 85, I can only imagine what it is now.  All hospice said, or ever says “part of the process”, well this process is downright torture.

To make this slightly less depressing Claire really enjoyed her return to the “pink maze” and sharing her new pool with Jimmy.


And to end on a joke, hey you gotta laugh sometimes, Casey has decided he is the nurse and I am the tech, for those that have been reading a while will know what we think of bull in the china shop techs, so waking up and seeing he put this on the medicine board had us both laughing!



5 thoughts on “Not Much Happening

  1. A heart wrenching experience for all of you… I hope that the sharing helps and wish the care and concern of so many will ease your struggle.

  2. After a cancer treatment yesterday I am thankful for a full life. Edith and I continue to pray daily for your family and Connor. You remain in our thoughts and prayers daily. Edie and Richie

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