“Beautiful”, Claire Crooks

this is what she screamed when she saw the amazing display of balloons on our lawn, I just cried when we took Con out to see them.  For those who have been wondering what Heartworks is about, why when anyone asks us where to donate money we choose here (over pediatric cancer research), this picture sums it up.  They make a difference, a real difference.  To come up with this perfect, beautiful idea is just unbelievable to me and honestly so what we needed, and I am humbled by the goodness in this world.  I am not going to lie, I was having a very, very rough day (after a series of sleepless and scary nights) and lots of bad days, and Claire’s little voice, exclaiming “Beautiful, you see the balloons mama?”, made it better.  She just watched as more and more cars pulled up with more and more balloons all day, utterly amazing.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



10 thoughts on ““Beautiful”, Claire Crooks

  1. This post made me cry. What a wonderful foundation they are. Ty care so deeply for families it’s just awe inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Erin. As always all our love, thoughts and prayers. You have our whole hearts.
    The Ferrao’s. Xo

  2. This, too, made me cry! Heartworks is sooooo awesome! I will be continue to contribute to their cause…they do such good work for families in need just when they need it most! God bless the people involved in Heartworks! My love, thoughts & prayers are with you all as always! xoxoxoxo ❤️💙😍😘

  3. Absolutely amazing and wonderful. Thoughts and prayers continue for Connor, you, Casey and precious little Claire❤️

  4. Happy tears!! It’s the little things that can put a smile on a face. Continuing to keep you all in my prayers!!

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