Under Control, We Hope

so last night was bad, none of us slept at all, this morning the nurse came and upped both the basal rate and his on demand dose to levels we did not think we’re possible for a little guy, he is getting more than 10 times the morphine he was getting 48 hours ago, but finally around 11 am he fell asleep outside in the stroller while Claire played with her water table.  This was honestly the best Saturday we could hope for under the circumstances because Connor was comfortable and we got to be present with Claire (we hate having to ship her off).  Since once Connor fell asleep, we did not want to move him and risk waking him up, we did a lot of walking today, we walked to Aunt Allyson’s lemonade stand for Alex’s Lemonade (she is running the NYC Marathon for Team Lemon) and to the pool, which Claire enjoyed a lot, especially seeing all her boyfriends from school and Jimmy!!!  When we got home we had to move him and he woke up and was in pain again, but after about 15mg of morphine and an on demand dose of Ativan we settled him and are hoping for a quiet night and hopefully no nursing visits until Monday!



3 thoughts on “Under Control, We Hope

  1. Claire enjoys everything in life. What a great bond she and Jimmy have…….so cute. I am glad to hear Connor’s meds are adjusted and he is comfortable right now. We are always thinking of you, praying and sending our love.

  2. Hope the rest of the weekend was quiet and needed no nurses visits. The lemonade stand looked like a success!

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